Once upon a time, there was a spiral galaxy...

picture of a spiral arm galaxy

The spiral galaxy had several arms, and the presumed origin of humankind was a small solar system on an insignificant spur arm -- SolPrime. With the discovery of qubition and the development of Quantum Entanglement Drives, humankind traveled among the arms.

picture of a spiral arm galaxy with sol prime marked and the rim

Sadly, humans also invented q-bombs. That explosive potential combined with the reckless dissatisfaction that fueled our journey to the stars resulted in this:

Picture of salty way central destruction after q-bombs

With three-quarters of the Salty Way destroyed or inaccessible, humanity has retreated to the Obsidian Rim -- the dark, dangerous but (maybe) survivable remains of the galaxy.

picture of where the obsidian rim now lies

Stay inside the Rim and stay alive. Hopefully...

Special Thanks to Elsa Jade for creating and annotating the above graphics

Where have humans colonized? Below is a growing and changing map of the rim based on the novels as they are written. This is updated three to four times per year.

Map of Sol Galaxy Rim worlds, space stations, and planetoids from Obsidian Rim novels