Deep Claim

The Q miners of Ydro-Down have won their freedom…but is the fight ever truly over?

Jashanna Riz has always been a hardrock miner, bashing the precious spacetime-folding qubition out of unforgiving stone. With her bashing prowess, she fought for her home at the front line of the rebellion against QueCorp’s cruelty. But now a band of mercenaries roams the passageways, a grating reminder that Ydro-Down is still in danger as the miners struggle to hold onto their home.

Fenn Alexos rejected a safe and quiet life and was spiraling into the darkest thrills of the Obsidian Rim before the mercenary Nazra Company conscripted him, giving him a place to channel his worst impulses. Serving on a mining moon is obviously deep and risky, but until he’s assigned to Jashanna’s repair gig, he had no idea how thrilling it would be.

Sent out into the remote mountains to rekindle a lost signal, they’ll find a dark secret that will finally free Ydro-Down along with a chance to choose their own path—and a hope that hints of a sunrise to come.


Obsidian Rim Book 12

Edge of Sunrise Book 3

Cover for Deep Claim by Elsa Jade
Ebook $3.99, Print $13.99
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