The authors have had fun sharing the language protocols, slang, and cuss words they've developed in their books. Some of the slang is used widely throughout the rim, while other language choices are not used at all depending on the culture or mores of a particular area.

Come back often, as this will change frequently when more stories are developed.

General Language Usage (Shree)

A list based on my vision that the future will have a population mix of people predominantly with Chinese, Indian, Latin American, and American ancestry.

  • Mi amor → my love (Spanish) (Shree)
  • Kaal → Time (in Sanskrit, kaalam is time in Tamil). Tamil is spoken in India and Sri-Lanka (Shree)
  • Habibi → friend/love. (Arabic) (Shree). Used like (dude)
  • Nuevo → New (Spanish) (Shree)
  • Gente → People (Spanish) (Shree)

Other words/slang unique to the Obsidian Rim

  • DIC → Digital Interstellar Credit is the universal currency for trading between worlds. However, most colonies still rely on barter and trade within their own colony to get what they need, and some may have their own local currency or cash system. As in our world today, the value of basic goods and services may vary greatly from one colony to another depending on the resources they have and the mores around the value of possessions. Wealth in DICs tends to be centered with intra-galactic merchants, manufacturers, mining companies, royalty, world leaders, and pirates/smugglers.
  • (The) Diety → (Jane) for God. As in, Thank The Diety. Not necessarily on all worlds.
  • Exo suits → (Maggie) used for extravehicular operational repairs in space.
  • Jelicant → (Maggie) a docile animal that appears to be the size of a young elephant but has the legs and paws of a large cat and the head of an elephant, including ears, but without the trunk. Though not seen in hundreds of years, there are vids of humans keeping them as pets and playing with them, but with warnings of being accidentally crushed by their body weight. Average size is 300 to 500 kilograms.
  • (A) Mili → (Maggie) similar to "shake" a mili is a milisecond or one million shakes. Tends to be used not with as much sarcasm as above, but still making a ridiculous point that someone isn't thinking clearly.
  • (A) Shake → (Maggie) a colloquial measurement of time, usually used sarcastically, to make a point that things are moving too fast. Derived from nuclear physics, a shake is 10 nanoseconds, the approximate time for a generation within a nuclear chain reaction. Someone might say "wait a shake" or "take a shake." Also numbers can be used. "Give it 10 shakes before trying again."
  • Tar stick →  common name for smoking products that are made from tobacco and include tar.
  • Wordscript → (Shree) book
  • Wormhole as a verb (Jane) → so "wormhole away", "wormhole out of here"
  • Wormy → (Maggie) a type of insanity some pilots get when they’ve had a bad transit through the wormhole. It begins as temporary flashes of illogic when making a decision or highly unusual behavior. But with repeated wormhole trips that aren't exactly right, permanent damage occurs and there is no known way to reverse that damage.
  • Youz → (Shree) said colloquially for you but when the situation is bad and you're pointing fingers

Nicknames for groups

  • Dissies → people from Discordja-C (Maggie)
  • Dockers → Anyone who works on a space dock. (Maggie)
  • Catchers → A group of orbital pilots who “catch” cargo catapulted into orbit, within forks or nets and then take it to an orbital corral that has it’s own navigation and propulsion. Once the corral is filled, it can move to space dock to be loaded on a freighter. (Maggie)
  • Push Jockeys → People who work in orbit coupling / uncoupling cargo with ships like freighters. Think of it like a barge that is then attached to a ship. They would be in exo suits tethering corrals, loading into freighters, or transferring cargo from corrals to smaller ships. (Maggie)
  • Rock-wreckers → miners (Elsa)

Cuss Words / Phrases

Freeze themselves in vacuum or language referring to the vaccuum (vac) or freezing is used frequently. (Shree)

  • Go freeze yourself → go f*&# yourself (Shree)
  • What the freeze? → What the f*&#? (Shree)
  • Vac-head, vac for brains VFB → dangerously clueless, void-addled (Elsa)
  • Vac off → f*&# off (Elsa)
  • Pissed in the vac → equivalent of clusterf*&# or FUBAR (Elsa)
  • Drakh→ sh*$ or crap (Maggie)
  • DICs falling from vacuum → Money falling from skies. (Shree)
  • Harami → means bastard in Hindi, Urdu, and in Arabic means 'forbidden under Islam' (Shree)
    1. Usage: That man is a harami (Hindi meaning) (Shree)
    2. This food is haram (Arabic meaning) (Shree)
    3. So use the i properly. Meaning is same for all pronouns. (Shree)


Some stories have chosen to use pronouns with Ze as the base. If you are unfamiliar with this practice, here is a helpful table.

Pronouns for one person with Ze as base (Shree)