About Maggie Lynch

I’m an idealistic nerd with a romantic streak that surpasses any scientific explanation. Writing stories and making music has been a part of my DNA as long as I can remember. As a child I wanted to learn EVERYTHING, and as fast as possible. I wanted to know how a car engine worked and what made people tick. I organized children to re-enact my favorite movies in the backyard and wrote stories and plays about worlds I’d never seen.

My love of life-long learning has garnered degrees in psychology, counseling, computer science, and culminated in an Ed.D. in Education. If I were independently wealthy I would probably add more education to my list because I would love to delve more into physics and cosmology and it’s relationship to religion and faith. I’ve been blessed with a past career in academia as well as opportunities to consult in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.

Though those were exciting and rewarding times, I am now doing what I’ve dreamed of doing since the 4th grade—writing stories that entertain, that share my love of learning, and that remake the world into what I want it to be. With more than 20 titles now published, I'm on my way to reaching that dream. All of my fiction is character driven and reinforces that life is about making heroic choices one messy moment at a time.

My husband and I have settled in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, in the United States, where I now write full-time. My fiction spans romance, suspense, science fiction, and fantasy titles. My current non-fiction work focuses on helping career authors succeed in the business and technical side of writing and publishing.

Featured Books
Female in battle gear, holding a knife, on the bridge of a spaceship with a rim world in the background
Cover for Magnetism: Cryoborn Gifts by Maggie Lynch in Obsidian Rim series
Cover for Singularity by Maggie Lynch