Pirate? Slave? Lover? He'll be any of those as long as his children are free.

Running a sketchy freighter, trading in the black market of the Obsidian Rim, was not exactly how Kieran saw himself raising his two children. But at least they were all free...sort of. He'd signed on with a pirate trader for the past five years. He was the longest employee she'd ever had, and perhaps her only lover. But he had no illusion that was because of her loyalty to him. It was what they could do together to travel spacetime that kept him and his children free. For now.

When Nisa Star agrees to take on a particularly dangerous cargo that will yield a huge profit, Kieran wonders if it’s time to find an exit from this life for him and his children. The cargo is some type of pharmaceutical and it seems everyone wants it for themselves and will kill to get it.

Bored pirate or reluctant hero? That’s not a good choice for a woman tied to profit.

Since taking on the cryoborn man and his two children at Ydro-Down, Nisa has found her reputation foundering. She is no longer allowed to trade in qubition, and that also closed the door to other less-savory but high paying customers in her network. Rumor was she was now ruled by her hormones and bonded to Kieran and his children. Stars forbid she was actually forming any kind of long-term bond. She’d learned long ago that loyalty got you killed.

The only bond she’d agreed to form with Kieran was created in their simultaneous interaction with the ship AI to open wormholes faster and without error. Since he became part of her crew, their transit through spacetime was easy—almost too easy. He was hiding something, never able to explain his special skills.

The cargo she’s carrying is so dangerous, they are jumping through wormholes almost constantly to lose tails. When she learns it is a vaccine to help the colonists of Discordja-C she’s ready to dump it. Not worth losing her ship, or her life, over some colony of a few hundred at one lone outpost.

But Kieran has other ideas.

For once he feels they are doing good in the universe. In a battle where neither can win, where working against each other will doom them to being forever lost in spacetime, they must find a way to work together to save both the agricultural colonies of the Rim and themselves.

Obsidian Rim Book 10

Cryoborn Gifts Book 2

Cover for Magnetism: Cryoborn Gifts by Maggie Lynch in Obsidian Rim series
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Cover for Magnetism: Cryoborn Gifts by Maggie Lynch in Obsidian Rim series
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