Mercenary Ethics

Save himself or take down Riel?

One screw up and Emry Dan finds himself captured by the Riel family of illegal arms creators and traders. He knows the rules, he has to get himself out and to a collection point--not so easy when he's been thrown into Reil's weapons trials and will have to fight just to stay live.

Marita Alaric knows more about the weapons being tested in the trials because she used to work for Riel. When she realised the weapon would render nanobots useless she started leaking bits of research. Then she was caught. Now she will die. When she sets eyes on the Dead Sun mercenary she knows he's her ticket out.

But before they can flee, she needs to information to stop Riel. That means one more visit to the compound.

Obsidian Rim Book 14

Dead Suns Book 2

Coming Soon cover for Mercenary Ethics by Shona Husk


Available October 22, 2019

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