Rock Rift

In a broken galaxy, how can he fight for a freedom he’s never known?

One rare mineral—qubition—took humanity to the stars…while dooming enslaved Q miners to the dark. On the moon of Ydro-Down, Q veins run too deep, and the miners have a choice: keep digging their own graves or risk revolt against their corporate overlord. Now reluctant rebel Gavyn Grey must lead them into hell itself.

But an unwanted intruder is watching his every move.

Yumi Swinton was hired to increase Q production and instead finds the ruthless QueCorp subjugating the miners. She was promised a chance to save what remains of the galaxy after the Oblivion Wars, yet here she is destroying a world, stone by stone.

After decades of desperation, Gavyn knows not to trust anyone. But Yumi has skills his faltering revolution needs…and secrets he’s determined to uncover. There are dangers in getting too close to anyone around the treasured qubition, but trusting each other might be their only hope of survival on the Obsidian Rim.

Obsidian Rim Book 2

Edge of Sunrise Book 1

Rock Rift by Elsa Jade
Ebook $3.99, Print $13.99
Female in battle gear, holding a knife, on the bridge of a spaceship with a rim world in the background
Rock Rift by Elsa Jade
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