Before the devastating Oblivion War, humankind had expanded from SolPrime throughout the Salty Way, exploring and settling (and sometimes exploiting and destroying; such is humankind’s appetite) the many solar systems within its barred spiral arms.

They traveled in stellarships of great variety—from speedy cruisers to slow generation ships. Although humankind found no evidence of sentient alien life elsewhere in the galaxy, they adapted themselves, sometimes at great cost and danger, via genetic, cybernetic, and AI tech—to sometimes greater and sometimes lesser suitability. The stellarships conquered the vast distances with the help of Quantum Entanglement Drives, and humanity seemed poised to expand beyond our small galaxy.

That was before the Oblivion War.

The Oblivion War was the first—and last—cataclysmic intragalactic conflict. A century of battles between competing interests among the core systems was unceremoniously discontinued when the first quantum bombs were deployed. The effects of the qubition-powered bombs cascaded through spacetime, resulting in the obliteration of half the galaxy and the quantum destabilization of half that remained, pushing all survivors to the untouched farthest reaches beyond the spiral arms—the Obsidian Rim.

What is the Obsidian Rim? When the devastating waves of the oblivion bombs reached the gaseous galactic halo that marks the outer edge of the galaxy, the waves formed a scrambled magnetic field barrier that prevents QED travel beyond the Salty Way. With most of the galactic interior devastated by the Oblivion War, humanity now resides in a relatively narrow “wheel” between the destabilized dead zones consuming the spiral arms and the uncrossable starless void of intergalactic space.

Now, after the war, the survivors struggle on the Obsidian Rim, living and dying, rebuilding and losing again. In the harsher environs of the Rim, there are farmers and qubition miners, pirates and the cryoborn, but also corporate executives and self-styled royalty plus the honorable (and not so honorable) remnants of the core systems governmental structures that once ruled—and then destroyed—the galaxy.

Existence here is dark and dangerous. Looking inward, we sorrow for the past. Looking outward, we fear for the future. But on the Obsidian Rim, we fight and love for today.