History tells us that humans continue to create a variety of weapons, both personal and large scale. Though we would like to believe a space-faring future would be peaceful, we know it probably isn't. The weapons here were gathered from a variety of SF lore, novels, and some from actual government records. (Scary)  The authors have contributed additional names or descriptions and are attributed. Authors pick and choose the weapons they wish to use--or none--in their stories.


Q-bombs: (Jessa) qubition-powered bombs
The powerful explosives that destroyed big ol' chunks of the galaxy's core and sent ripples that created the galactic barrier that defines the outer edge of the Obsidian Rim.


Nanobot disrupter tech (Shona)
--Riel family deals in new and weapons and often illegal trades. They have something they're testing that will disrupt nano bots and render them useless.

Gilding Gun (a kind of splat gun) (Shona)
It's loaded with a soft gel capsule (so safe in a ship) and can contain a variety of chemicals like neuro-toxins or something that burns human skin. The chemicals can be constantly altered faster than the nano bots can be upgraded?

EE (Energy Expenditure) weapons: (Jane) Basically good old-fashioned sci-fi laser guns. So, EE handgun, EE assault rifle etc. Often EEW (for EE Weapon)

Taser: (Jane) As we have now. Decided to keep the name, as no time to explain it in the heat of battle.

Taser/stun gun: (Shree): Exactly as in practice now, except don’t have to constantly charge it.

Blaster: (Maggie) Good ol' SF blaster with some type of energy expenditure.

Neuralyzer (Also known as a Zombie Dart): (Maggie) A chemical delivery system that, depending on chemical's chosen, can induce excruciating pain or turn the affected human into an easily-influenced person by dampening their higher cognitive functions. Faster than Wonder Woman's Truth lasso. 🙂

Quantum Cloaking: (Maggie) A high-tech concealment system that bends light to simply go around the thing it’s hiding. May be used as a type of cloaking device for ships, or with an array, for an entire planet. It isn't 100% effective because there is a slight distortion when examined closely.

Cyborg Insect Drones. Insect-like drones that are  remote-controlled and can be used for surveillance of large areas at close range and send information back to operator.

Death Ray: (Maggie) raygun, or “death ray,” is a handheld weapon capable of shooting deadly particle beams. One of the first attempts to create a concentrated death ray was made by Nikola Tesla. His idea was to create a vacuum seal, then push a stream of air at a high velocity through the gun, creating so-called "high vacua". The resulting particle beam could be projected in a straight line for up to 320 kilometers (200 mi). Tesla’s death ray was almost identical to the charged-particle weapon developed by both the US and Russia during the Cold War. This “death ray” can reach 1,090 Celsius (2,000°F) and is capable of burning through metal. Though in the Cold War it was large, it seems possible that a handheld weapon 5,000 years in the future is probable.